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Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Fool N Final

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646f9e108c When Laywanti's son, Rahul meets with an accident and looses his life. Munna recruits Raja, a small-time thief, pays him huge sums of money and asks him to masquerade as Rahul. This he does amidst chaos, with his own people, goons, gangsters and thieves.
A bunch of misfits and gangsters embarks on a journey to find a lost and stolen diamond.
Rocky (Chunkey Pandey), who is a petty criminal, steels a diamond and goes to Dubai with it. Chaubay (Paresh Rawal), owes a criminal called Mousco brother (Arbaaz Khan) some money and in order to repay back this money he must accept a contract given by Mousco brother or else his niece Tina (Ayesha Takia), her sweetheart Raja (Shahid Kapoor) and he will be found dead. However he accept the contract along with Pitto Pilot (Johnny Lever) a taxi driver. The contract is that he must grab the diamond from Rocky. However, Chaubay and his friends were going to get successful in stealing the diamond from Rocky but another criminal called Choksi (Gulshan Grover) comes to know of the diamond and he decided to install G-9 (Jackie Shroff), a gunman on Chaubay and his friends. Alerting another criminal and gangster called JD got news of the diamond and he also decides to threatened Chaubay and his friends that if he does not got hold of the diamond then only Chaubay and his friends corpses shall be floating in the water, so Chaubay and his friends must now decide how to outwit all the criminals and gangsters in there community.
Rubbish is actually an understatement. Its hard to even begin to describe how terrible this movie is. I understand the fact that some movies require you to suspend your belief, but this is just pushing it too far. The story makes absolutely no sense, the plots are too damn confusing and the acting is just horrifying.<br/><br/>That said, it can be somewhat entertaining if you don&#39;t wear your thinking caps. Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever do give you some giggles but the rest of them do no justice to their acting talents. Sharmila Tagore and Om Puri are some of the finest actors around in Bollywood and it is sad to see them do roles such as these.<br/><br/>The music is crappy, the special effects are crappier and Chunkey Pandey is the crappiest of them all! Avoid watching this movie as it is just not worth it.

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